Some pictures from the conference!

Harvey, I support your position

The floor was tiled and carpeted at some point, the paintings reminded of the famous painting in the world of Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. I really felt like I could stay there the rest of my life or else at list make that my home. My room was air conditioned king sized bed and had a closet.

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canada goose outlet store Was the leader of the Conservative Party.He became British Prime Minister in May 2010 aged 43, our youngest PM for nearly 200 years. The Eton College and Oxford University old boy is married to Samantha Cameron, with whom he has had four children.He announced his resignation on 24th June 2016, when Britain voted to exit the European Union, and stepped down on July 13th, 2016. He stood down as MP for Witney with immediate effect on 12 September 2016.Sign up for our politics newsletter.Conservative Party Conference30,000 furious protesters just parked their tanks on Theresa May’s lawn at the Conservative Party ConferenceA union boss warned Tory cuts were ”literally killing people” at a noisy demo while people at a separate pro EU protest chanted ”bcks to Brexit ”Labour Party ConferenceEx Scottish leader Kezia Dugdale blasts Labour’s ‘lazy’ Brexit campaign and calls for a second voteThe MSP said people should be given a final say if the terms of leaving the European Union do not include single market membershipLiberal DemocratsLib Dems poke fun at Vince Cable’s age and Charles Kennedy’s alcoholism at notorious Glee Club singalongMPs, peers and party grandees attended the beer soaked event where young activists told Tony Blair to ”Fk off and die”British ArmyThousands of troops will have their wages cut by 352 next year, shocking new figures revealA newly trained private on 18,488 will earn 18,672 next year under the controversial 1% pay capVince CableVince Cable calls for ‘grown ups’ in politics then hurls playground insults at rivalsIn his first conference speech as Lib Dem leader, he’s expected to say Brexit secretary David Davis’ team would ”struggle to get their heads around a toddler’s Lego set.”Nick CleggWorking with was like ‘being stuck in a cage with a demented gorilla’, says Nick CleggThe ex Lib Dem leader said the former PM was pulled to the right by ”loopy” elements of his party, like Jacob Rees MoggEdward DaveyPut cartel company bosses who rip off the public on trial, says senior Lib DemEd Davey says he tried to introduce prosecutions for flaunting competition rules during the coalition, but it was blocked by Jimmy CarrJimmy Carr reveals why he thinks Gary Barlow got an easier ride in tax avoidance scandalTV funnyman speaks out about scheme that nearly ruined him and why he thinks Gary Barlow got an ‘easier ride’George OsborneTory MP calls for George Osborne to be banned from party conference over ‘freezer’ commentsNadine Dorries called for the former Chancellor’s Tory conference pass to be revokedJohn BercowCommons Speaker John Bercow wants a yellow card to sin bin rowdy MPs at Prime Minister’s QuestionsThe call was among a series of eye popping interventions during an hour long question and answer session canada goose outlet store.