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The Center for American Women and Politics says registrations for its annual workshop for aspiring women leaders are up 40 fold. There a lot more anger that we had it, that it was our time, and that was taken, says Ramsini. Not going to play nice anymore, we not going to wait our turn.

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But Sister McBride took some heat

Today, Puerto Rican neighborhoods divide working class white and black neighborhoods in North Philadelphia and Kensington.patterns of housing segregation in metropolitan Philadelphia are the legacy of discriminatory public policies and real estate practices that played out for most of the 20th century, says Sugrue, who chronicled the area open housing movement in Land of Liberty: The Forgotten Struggle for Civil Rights in the North. Discrimination is now illegal, those patterns of segregation were so deeply entrenched that many people came to see them as to census data, the level of segregation between blacks and whites in the Philadelphia area is declining at a slower rate than during the 1990s. And just as white city dwellers fled neighborhoods when black families arrived after World War II, suburban whites are fleeing to exurbs as blacks and Latinos move to older suburbs.Local media coverage of the 2010 census data has emphasized that Philadelphia grew for the first time after 50 years of decline, thanks laregly to growing Latino and Asian populations.

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We picked up enough of those

Rasputin, by all historical accounts, was overtly full of shit. He was a drunk and a lecher, and routinely accepted bribes from people seeking his guidance. Rasputin’s dubious lifestyle arguably added to the diminishing support of the Royal family, which ultimately led to revolution (see Trotsky, above).

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