JWC 2015 – Communicating Energy and Climate Science

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Jokkmokk Winter Conference 2015:
Communicating Energy and Climate Science: Delivering Benefits to Northern Communities!
2 February – 4 February 2015

Are you interested in climate change and energy issues? Do you want to increase your career network and would like to explore a unique Arctic Environment?
Then, Jokkmokk Winter Conference might be the right choice for you:
Jokkmokk Winter Conference is an annual International Climate and Energy Forum at the Arctic Circle in Sweden for Students,
Early Career Professionals, Environmentalists and Decision Makers. There is no conference fee, and you register by simply mailing to jwc@jokkmokk.se!

Main issues 2015
We are living in a complex world, and the global debate about climate change and sustainable energy is an excellent example of how multifaceted and difficult decision making for society can be. Academics and researchers are increasingly aware of the importance of communicating climate and energy research to a wider audience, and society is eager to learn more about smart solutions to the difficult problems of sustainability, but still, transfer from research into practice is not always happening. Therefore, we focus on:
Science, Business and Politics – How can evidence improve decision making?
How to create Momentum for effective Community Sustainable Energy Action Plans?

Why you should register
Unique networking opportunities, skill sharing and information about climate change, energy and the Arctic. Chance to establish mentor relationships with policy maker and sustainable development professionals. Occasion to enjoy famous traditional Saami Jokkmokk Winter Market with more than 40.000 visitors each year
Present own activities and form new collaborations and partnerships

Practical information:
There is no conference fee. We offer coffee breaks throughout the conference. Check www.jokkmokksmarknad.se for Information for suitable lodging

How to register?
That’s easy! Send an email to jwc@jokkmokk.se!

Call for projects
One of the afternoons during the conference is designed to showcase projects and activities. This will be a perfect opportunity to meet with other young researchers, participating senior experts and possible business partners. If you have a project, research work or a sustainable business idea, present your idea in a few lines to jwc@jokkmokk.se

Jokkmokk Winter Market
Jokkmokk Winter Conference is coordinated with the international Jokkmokk Winter Market, a legendary impressive traditional Sami event since 1605 that attracts 40.000-50.000 visitors each year!

Jokkmokk Winter Conference is initiated and organized by the municipality of Jokkmokk in cooperation with a broad range of partners, among others: the Northern Research Forum; the University of Lapland, Rovaniemi; University of Tromsø; University of Oulu; Thule Institute Finland; Norrbotten County Council; Norrbotten County Administration Board; Association of Polar Early Career Scientists; Föreningen Nordens Ungdom; Nenet Norrbottens Energy Agency; VINN Norway; Oulu Arc Region; Övertorneå municipality; Ajtte museum; Association of Swedish Eco Municipalities; Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and Intelligent Energy Europe co-funded IEE projects COOPENERGY and Data4Action.

Looking forward to meeting you next year in Jokkmokk, Sweden!
Best wishes and climatefriendly greetings
JWC Conference Management Team
Silva Herrmann, Wolfgang Mehl