a month, she was diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple

First, I didn think too much about the bit of double vision I experienced, says Flohr, a financial services administrator, based in Charlottetown, PEI. thought that I might just need a new eye glasses prescription. she says, when her optometrist advised her to visit her family physician and that appointment was quickly followed by referral to a neurologist and an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan, she it was something more serious. a month, she was diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis and she has been living with the disease ever since. RRMS is the most common form of multiple sclerosis, affecting some 85 percent of those diagnosed. According to The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, people who have MS can expect a normal or near normal lifespan, thanks to improvements in symptom management and the MS disease modifying therapies. was a bit of a shock, says Flohr, a long time volunteer with the society. already knew something about MS because my mom, who is now in a wheelchair, has had progressive MS for the last 17 years and, along with my dad, I been a caregiver for her. think that my mother history probably sped up my diagnosis, adds Flohr, my symptoms are very different from those she has had to deal with for so many years. relapsing forms of MS, primary progressive multiple sclerosis (PPMS) is characterized by a slow accumulation of disability, most often related to walking, without any defined relapses. The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada notes that approximately 10 per cent of people diagnosed with MS have primary progressive MS. Approximately half the people with the more common RRMS will develop secondary progressive MS within 10 to 20 years of diagnosis. Many people who continue to experience relapses will remain on treatment with one of the disease modifying therapies. Although no similar treatment is currently available for patients with PPMS, research into therapy is ongoing and progress has been made in recent years.

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