Throughout the episode, they befriend a wise mountain man, but

Twist Ending As it turns out, their landlord is really Mengele. The Nazi one. May also count as Refuge in Audacity. And that’s just The Pilot. this trope is later parodied further in ”Camping”. Throughout the episode, they befriend a wise mountain man, but wind up ”accidentally” killing and then eating him. At the end, the ranger reveals the twist that the mountain man was Dead All Along and that they had only met his ghost; his explanation is accompanied by hilarious altered flashbacks which show the mountain man wearing a white sheet signifying he was a ghost, as well as the trio eating hamburgers and french fries instead of the mountain man’s cooked remains (they really did kill a guy, though). Finally in the last episode made, ”Amusement Park”, it is shown that the entire episode’s events were part of a virtual reality friendship test that was ”so real, it was reality”, as well as the accompanying revelation about Phil Lord’s character shown under Chekhov’s Gunman. Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist: Played with. The guys cause all sorts of mayhem and most of the time they barely even notice, let alone care. Other times they feel terrible about it and do their best to fix the problem, as seen when they accidentally run over a young paperboy and take over his route to make it up to the kid while he recovers (they also gift him with an antique harpsichord). Whether they try to make amends or not, however, things always work out for them in the end. Vitriolic Best Buds: Michael, Michael David and the girls in the apartment beneath theirs alternate between busting each other’s chops and going to surprising lengths to do nice things for each other. Weaksauce Weakness: When she corners the trio, we find out the weakness of Janeane Garofalo’s character is baloney from a sandwich Showalter had been carrying. Not to be outdone, she stops them from chasing her by hanging an ”Out of Order” sign on their rickshaw, knowing they’d be too afraid/stupid to call her bluff. Widget Series: The show is absurdist, surrealistic and deconstructionist. A lot of the humor is derived from parodying comedy tropes and niche aspects of American culture that you’d have to be familiar with to get the joke. Word Salad Title: The comedy group changed their name from Midnight Expressions to Stella, named after the unborn daughter of the club manager who gave them their first gig.

No, invest it now it already almost too late. The money will be wasted here on earth, there are always local problems that funding could supposedly be put to better use on. We should have had these things decades ago. You will never cease war or poverty or disease or any of that. Sending billions to africa or the mid east won solve anything it will be wasted. This type of innovation doesn wait for whiners and time wasters who think they know where money should be spent. There will ALWAYS be problems there is no perfect tomorrow where all problems are solved and then we can invest in space. Investing in growing our horizons now will help. Overpopulation alone is an issue that should have us scrambling to the moon bases. Invest MORE in space.

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