Out of the rubble emerged a lexicon of materials and

Nicolas Shake: Significance Swells Returning to his home in the high desert of Palmdale in 2008, at the apex of the economic downturn, the artist found sections of his neighborhood abandoned and piles of domestic rubble in the surrounding landscape; an environment rife with debris and evidence of massive change. Out of the rubble emerged a lexicon of materials and possibilities. As a kind of transformative archeology, the artist began arranging the debris into sculptures and to photograph them at night, lit by rudimentary lighting equipment from Home Depot and the headlights of his truck. The outdoor still life structures were ephemeral works existing for a few hours and only to be recorded; nocturnal apparitions in a landscape, reabsorbed the next day into the landscape, all sculptural qualities obliterated by the daylight. The nucleus of this show is a list of common names of plants that grow in the United States and its territories, initially chosen by the artists based solely off of their attraction to the names themselves. This body of work toys with the history of the still life genre in its acknowledgment of our innate desire to organize and control nature on a symbolic level. These dense composites of images and sounds re imagine Nature Morte as a vibrantly lush and kinetic force in which the organization and obsessive relationship to these plants developed as the artists culled and cut the images from their original http://fluffycharm.net/im-not-so-sure-its-good-to-think-back-to-my-childhood/, digital source material.

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