DSC_0125 - Copy (2)Silva Herrmann presented some take away tips and tricks for successful climate collaboration from the EU-funded international COOPENERGY Project. If we want to work together on sustainable energy and climate plans, an European research showed that 3 important successful factors are: 1. Have an ambitious and inspiring joint vision 2.  Key stakeholders are all engaged in the initiative 3. Financial resources are accessible Beyond that, Herrmann added; – You are often working with busy individuals. Making work life easier for other involved. Helping them to save time or money in their personal field of work is key. – And we should not forget to celebrate successes! Anna Hövenmark, the former Mayor of Jokkmokk, made also an important point in the discussion following the presentation: Collaboration takes time – and it needs to. For each step, plan more time than you think is necessary!


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