MountEE – Building the future!

Sustainable and efficient building is the FUTURE! To build sustainable it takes teamwork between decisions maker, nike bianche alte zalando sac à dos fjallraven kanken architects, Scarpe Nike chaussure Asics Gel-Lyte III construction industry and the locals. asics gel lyte 3 hombre azules Houston Rockets They should be involved early in the process. new balance 420 foot locker Nike Air Max 1 Pas Cher This film shows several good examples of sustainable building from European mountain regions in Sweden,

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  • Fjallraven Kanken Big UK The Alps and Pyrenees.

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  • nike cortez bambini Concrete proposals and ideas makes it easy to start today! This film is produced within the project MountEE by the project team with the help of professional partners.

    Energy Action Plan!

    In addition to Jokkmokk Winter Conference we offer an interesting seminar, new balance bambino offerte concerning the importance of develop an sustainable Energy Action Plan. Brooklyn Nets It is a project in cooperation with 13 partners all over Europe, Jimmy Graham Seattle Seahawks Jersey SEAP-plus. Nike Air Max Femme The project assists and contributes in implementation of the Covenant of Mayors. The covenants main targets are to encourage municipalities to increase the energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy resources. adidas sale uk (Click on the picture to read it)

    The seminar will take place the 7th of February, Adam Wainwright Jersey at the Jokkmokk Townhall between 13.00 – 17.00.

    Fourth day of JWC 2013

    The topic of the last day was building bridges to the future and sustainable community plans.

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  • ”100% renewable energy is not a choice, it is the only alternative”, says Anna Leidreiter from World Future Council. scarpe nike air bambini After showing us why non-renewable energy is not an option, Anna talked about success stories from Jämtland (Sweden), Iceland and Denmark. In Denmark community participation was key in the switch to renewable energy.

  • Anna’s take away message was: Climate and security questions in the world are not to do with energy but rather fuel; Shift from fuel-based to infrastructure-based energy. nike air max chaussure pas cher

    Anna Leidreiter

    Anna Leidreiter

    Next up was Michaela Hogenboom and Elias Kindle, who are working together to create a connected and sustainable Liechtenstein. Through their project they are trying to move Lichtenstein from vision to implementation in sustainability. They bring people together in Future workshops and on online platforms. As well as trying to create community engagement they also offer consultancy to policy/decision makers. Air Jordan 7 Donna They finished their session with an interactive exercise. fjallraven kanken baratas Below is one of the flowers that was created by the participants. To find out more contact Michaela and Elias at Verein Symbiose (
    Michaela and Elias

    Michaela and Elias

    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA After coffee break Wolfgang Mehl (Jokkmokk Municipality/ Norrbotten Energy Agency) went on to present SEAP-PLUS. The Covenant of Mayors and Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP) are instruments for implementing sustainable communities. Wolfgang started off by telling us about all the great work being done in Jokkmokk and then went on to explain what the Covenant of Mayors is. The Covenant of Mayors is the mainstream European movement involving local and regional authorities, voluntarily committing to increasing energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources on their territories.

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  • By their commitment, Covenant signatories aim to meet and exceed the European Union 20% CO2 reduction objective by 2020. Asics Gel Nimbus 17 damskie When signing the Covenant of Mayors the municipality or council have to create a SEAP and BEI (baseline emission inventory). So far 4750 authorities have signed the Covenant of Mayors. Nike Air Max Femme Jeppe Mikel Jensen (Union of Baltic cities environment and sustainable development secretariat) further explained that the Covenant of Mayors should work as a roadmap to the 2020 targets. Cheap Nike Air Max UK It is a bottom-up approach (although it kind of starts as a top-down tool ?) and a way of making climate protection happen on a local level. asics damskie leginsy

  • Jeppe represents NET-COM (a supporting network on Covenant of Mayors) and he sees the network as a way for small and big cities to get together and collaborate, to exchange ideas and best practice and also to influence government. Silva Herrmann encourages us to push our politicians into joining the Covenant of Mayors. Adidas Zx 850 Heren asics scarpe donna If your municipality already has signed the Covenant of Mayors then ask your politicians what they are doing with it. Rob Gronkowski Jersey A SEAP should not be a dust collector – it should be a plan of action. Anna Hövenmark rounded up the conference and thanked everybody involved.

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  • Nike Air Max 2017 Heren blauw She confirmed that JWC will be happening again next year first week in Februray (3d-6th). Nike Air Pegasus Uomo adidas superstar donna We’ll meet again in Jokkmokk!!! Thank you Anna, Tiina, Silva and Wolfgang for an interesting and well-organized conference.

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    Third day of JWC 2013

    Today JWC focused on the way forward – turning ideas into reality. Nick Chubb Georgia Football Jerseys chaussure Asics Gel-Lyte III The morning started with Rob MacMonagle from Canada presenting Toronto’s green economy strategies.

  • After an introduction to Toronto, Rob gave us some depressing data on the state of the earth and then went on to talk about his work for the City of Toronto on strategies for developing whole sectors in the green economy. Terrell Suggs Ravens Jerseys There they have worked with innovation-integration strategies and a new paradigm: doing more with the same (or less).

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  • Rob McMonagle

    Rob McMonagle

    Next up was Eva Vitell from Vatttenfall and Antonio Caló from University of Oulu discussing centralised vs. decentralised energy systems. They gave us a good overview on the technical point of view: transmission vs transformation, smart grids etc. Interestingly, Antonio tells us how energy use in Finland peaks twice a day except at the weekend when there is a third peak, a so called sauna peak in electricity use. Nike Air Max 1 Dames We must get better at balancing energy use. nike legging homme On the question “What is better for climate and sustainability” Antonio and Eva more or less agreed that a mix between centralised and decentralised energy systems is the best. Nike Air Max Goedkoop Eva pointed out that centralised solar panels (i.e. big solar parks) often are better for the environment (more efficient) than small decentralised solar panels. In general renewable energy is considered decentralised. nike pas cher However, as Eva pointed out, wind and water power are very much centralised since wind and water is where it is.

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  • Antonio added that social, economic and environmental aspects of the energy systems have to be considered when thinking sustainability, and thus decentralised will be beneficial due to the use of local resources. Asics Whizłer męskie Eva admitted that decentralisation with small producers entering the market is a challenge for Vattenfall. nike tn pas cher

    Eva Vitell and Antonio Caló

    Eva Vitell and Antonio Caló

    The morning session ended with parallel round-table discussions resulting in questions for the panel discussion on climate and energy policy in the afternoon. The panel consisted of: Karl Petersen, Municipal league Norrbotten; Jeppe Mikel Jensen, Union of the Baltic Cities environment and sustainable development secretariat; Eva Vitell, Vattenfall; Jon Petter Gintal, Sami Parliament Norway; Governor Sven-Erik Österberg; and Counsellor Michael Sullivan, US Embassy. Panel discussion Overall the panel agreed on a lot of the questions asked. nike air max 90 goedkoop Canotte Detroit Pistons For example, on the question of “mining or no mining” in Jokkmokk (a very hot topic!). Karl Petersen emphasised that discussion should be developed into dialogue between people in the conflicts over land and natural resources. Others agreed and Eva further suggested that the dialogue requires a facilitator/mediator. nike air max 2017 heren Transparency and education to help people understand the impact of things they purchase was suggested as a way to change people’s behaviour or consumer pattern. Adidas Ultra Boost Dames Furthermore, it was suggested that we need to make politicians secure/comfortable that we will re-elect them when they make the right (but sometimes difficult) decisions for the environment.

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  • Long term thinking in policy making was also considered important.

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  • Jon Petter finished off by reassuring us that the Sami people are here for the future – mines or no mines – and will adapt to change. The day ended with open space discussions followed by the inauguration of Jokkmokk winter market.

    The second day of Jokkmokk Winter Conference 2013

    The topic of the morning session was “A planet under stress”. Canotta Los Angeles Lakers Shora Esmailian, author and journalist, spoke about climate refugees in her talk “Out of the frying pan and into the fire”. Women Air Jordan 14

  • According to Shora, climate refuges already exist today in many parts of the world.

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  • She has met victims of climate change in Egypt, Kenya and Pakistan, and she shared some of their stories with us today. Adrian Gonzalez Jersey nike air max 1 print mujer However climate refugees are not recognised by the Geneva Convention and hence we need a new definition for refugees that includes climate and is borderless.

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  • Andre Ethier Authentic Jersey Many people who have to leave their land due to extreme floods, draught or sea level rise become refugees within their countries. nike air max 1

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  • Shora Esmailian

    Shora Esmailian

    Next up was Lassi Heininen, University of Lapland, who gave us a run through of the politics of the arctic.

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  • Decision makers are picturing the Arctic without ice – a new ocean – and new opportunities. “Indigenous knowledge – A resource for today?” was the question Kristna Sehlin MacNeil, Centre for Sami Research, addressed in her talk.

  • Fjallraven Kanken 16L According to Kristina, non- indigenous people have a lot to learn from indigenous knowledge and we should be asking indigenous people if they would be willing to share their knowledge.

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  • Nike Air Max 90 Heren Mats Berg, GirjasSamiVillage, expressed his concern over the expanding mining industries and how potential new mining will kill the reindeer herding and Sami traditions in his village. Soldes Chaussures Nike Nike Flyknit Uomo 8000 reindeers pass through his Sami village every year. asics gel lyte 5 hombre rojas A planned new mine will split the village up and stop the reindeers from passing between winter and summer pastures. Zapatillas Asics Mats sees mining industry as the new predator in his area and calls for the right of the Sami people to say no.

    First day of Jokkmokk Winter Conference 2013

    After welcome and presentation of the JWC reference group we had the pleasure to listen to an interview on climate and energy strategies in the North with Lena Ek (Minister of Environment, Sweden), Audun Garberg (Political Advisor for the Ministry of Environment, Norway), Mika Flöjt (City Council Kuusamo, Finland), Stefan Mikaelsson (Chairman of Sami Parliament, Sweden) and Marianne Balto (Sami Parliament, Norway). Canotte Miami Heats Canotta New York Knicks Anna Hövenmark asked the panel questions.Lena Ek, Minister of Environment, Sweden Lena Ek spoke of the importance of Ecosystem services and how nations and states should look at our balance sheet as well as results sheet (like stock market companies do).

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  • According to Lena, nations tend to only look at the results and not the recourses we have got. sac à dos fjallraven kanken Trevor Siemian Jerseys The natural recourses and ecosystem services should be included in the budget says Lena, who is on her way to a meeting with the Ministers of Environment for the member states of the Arctic Council to discuss these type of questions, including ecosystem based management of the Arctic, the resilience of the Arctic, and short lived climate pollutants. nike air max 1 ultra moire uomo nike air max pas cher On the question “What message they can give to young people who are deeply concerned about climate change” all the interviewees agreed that there is a very serious situation.

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  • However, Audun and Lena pointed out a number of good things that are happening. Koop Fjallraven Kanken For example the development of renewable energy in Germany, an impressive decrease in emission levels from new cars in Norway, and in Sweden a decision on a fossil free transport fleet 2030 and net zero emissions 2050. air max pas cher pour homme air max According to Lena this is possible and we need to take action. cheap adidas uk Sefan Mikaelsson didn’t think this is enough and that we must stop consuming natural recourses at the rate we are doing today – we need food not minerals. nike air max 2015 czarne

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  • Marianne Balto says we should include indigenous people more in the discussion and learn from their knowledge on how to live with nature. chaussures pas cher nike adidas neo uomo Marianne Balto and Stefan Mikaelsson On the question on how to include young people in the decision process Mika Flöjt gave a good example from Kuusamo: The Youth Municipal Council is a common practice in Finish municipalities and a place where young people are engaged in these questions. Nike Scarpe Bambini Similarly in Norway you have a young Sami council, said Marianne.

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  • Air Jordan 8 Donna Ylva Pavval did a great job as chair for this session.