Climate seminar in Tromsø September 3rd 2013


Welcome to Climate seminar on climate change and panel debate on Framsenteret in Tromsø the 3th of. September.

– Will the climate change effect the north areas?

– Scenario 2100

– What can we do to meet the challenge?

For program – click HERE, unfortunately only in Norweigian.

NORTHERN NETWORK ON CLIMATE CHANGE is an EU project with Norway, Sweden and Finland participate. The project builds networks for information exchange and synergy between research institutions, local decision-makers and stakeholders further. This so the communities in the North will be better equipped to face the effects and consequences of climate change.

Research shows that northern climate could change radically within a few decades. The temperature is expected to rise throughout the country, but mostly in winter and most in the northern parts of Scandinavia.

Average temperatures are expected to increase by 2.3 to 4.6 degrees by 2100.

How will this affect local conditions for better or worse?

You can sign on for participation here: or 0047-90948031

MountEE – Building the future!

Sustainable and efficient building is the FUTURE! To build sustainable it takes teamwork between decisions maker, architects, construction industry and the locals. They should be involved early in the process. This film shows several good examples of sustainable building from European mountain regions in Sweden, The Alps and Pyrenees. Concrete proposals and ideas makes it easy to start today! This film is produced within the project MountEE by the project team with the help of professional partners.

Energy consumption.


”The Trade Organization wants to stop advice on reduced electricity consumption”
Trade association Swedish Energy encourages its member companies to stop informing customers about how their electricity consumption can be reduced. It is a campaign that runs counter to the EU’s energy authority and intentions, writes representative of Naturskyddsföreningen, Energieffektiviseringsföretagen, Swedisol, Veidekke and SABO in a debate article in Dagens Nyheter.

Both the EU and the Swedish energy policy emphasizes that we should conserve and improve efficiency in our use of electricity. The Agency suggests that the institution of voluntary agreements for energy companies that actively promote energy efficiency among its customers. But while power utility companies trade organization Swedish Energy a campaign to get power companies to stop giving advice to their clients on how they can reduce their electricity consumption. The campaign is completely at odds with the official Swedish energy policy, writes the debaters.

The trade association means that increased customer influence and less detailed regulation is the basis for a successful energy efficiency – and that is where the dividing line lies.

You can read the article HERE
And the answer from the Trade you find HERE
And the final line you can find HERE

Unfortunately all in Swedish!

A new report.

State of the World 2013: Is Sustainability Still Possible?

The environmental awareness increases, mankind gets richer and the renewable resources are increasing in the world. That is some of the more positive pattern Worldwatch Institute highlights in the report according to to Swedish Radio program ”Klotet”

”But on the other hand the development is rappidly going the other way and it´s time to take out the emergency manual. This applies particularly to the continued growth of greenhouse gas emissions and our ever-increasing exploitation of finite resources.”
From: Veckans klimatnyheter

You can read the report if you click at the link above.
You can also listen to the radio – in swedish – if you click HERE.